Thank you for your interest in donating to the Sparrow Waterhouse Foundation.
100% of Sparrow Waterhouse funds are donated directly to worthy causes unless you donate by credit card and then we must pay a 4.1% credit card processing fee. No one at Sparrow Waterhouse receives any salary. Our banking and web hosting fees are underwritten by the generosity of
There are two easy ways you donate:
1. 30-90% of all sales from Chanson Water USA will be donated to the Sparrow Waterhouse Foundation. Chanson Water specializes in water ionizers, drinking water filters, whole house water systems and shower filters. Consider them for all of your water filtration needs!
2. Make a donation directly in whatever amount you feel called to give! Donate Now
If you are not able to donate financially at this time or would like to help further, see Other Ways to Give.

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